Presentation at NAFEMS Nordic in Lund

One of our Sealing experts, Hans Fredrik Sandberg was invited to speak about the "Use of Parallel Rheological Framework Material Models in Simulations of Sealing Products under High Pressure" with references to our narrow field of expertise.

ClearSeal™ PRW

ClearSeal™ PRW (Pressure Released Wiper) is a patented, pressure released, internal  wiper with a filter function. ClearSeal™ PRW is the best insurance against breakdown in hydraulic systems due to contaminated media.

Very large diameter seals and backup rings

Seal Engineering AS has been in the fore front delivering very large diameter profile seals in polyurethane and rubber to the hydropower segment, test chambers, autoclaves, etc. These seals are machined or extruded profiles welded or vulcanised together to the required size.

ONS 2018, Stavanger, week 35 (27th August – 30th August)

Thanks to all our visitors. We look forward to exploring business opportunities with you in the future!