Bonded seals for harsh chemicals

Did you know that we can produce high end - small or high volumes - self centering bonded seals resistant to virtually any chemical/fluid in temperatures ranging from -40° to +320°C?

Choice of materials includes, but is not limited to, Super Duplex and various Inconel alloys for the metal part and FEPM and FFKM  (i.e. Viton™ Extreme™/ETP 600S, Kalrez®, Simriz®, Chemraz®, Tecnoflon® PFR FFKM) for the elastomer part.

Bonded seals, also known as Dowty® seals, are commonly only available in structural steel or stainless steel, with elastomer part in either NBR or FKM Type 1 (often referred to as Viton®). Structural steel and NBR have limitations both in temperature resistance, typically up to 100°C, and chemical compatibility.

A combination of stainless steel and FKM offers a broader chemical compatibility, but incompatible with harsh media such as strong acids or alkaline media at elevated temperatures. Temperature typically between -20°C to +200°C, depending on the media. For more demanding applications stainless steel/FKM is simply not up for the job.

  • With the right combination of metal part and elastomer we can provide resistance to virtually any chemical/fluid in temperatures ranging from -40° to +320°C.
  • Typically the metal ring can be supplied in Super Duplex, various Inconel alloys or other high-end metals in terms of strength and corrosion resistance.
  • The elastomer part is typically offered in Viton® Extreme, low-temp FFKM or other high-end elastomers suitable for the given application.
  • Our bonded seals are offered as self-centring which is a huge advantage during assembly, ensuring that the seal maintains a concentric position.
  • Standard sizes in both inches and millimeters are offered, and even non-standard sizes are available with short lead-time

A=OD, B=ID1, C=ID2, D=Metal thickness, E=Total height

Contact Seal Engineering’s Technical team, and we will ensure that the right material combination is selected for your application.