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ARt* - other sealing possibilities in a standard O-ring groove

The O-ring's simple and effective design has made it the world's most used seal. However, the design has certain limitations, for example in terms of sealing ability, pressure resistance and dynamic sealing function.

The MORE project: Next-generation tests to develop resilient materials for offshore renewable energy devices

The MORE project (Next Generation Marine Materials for Resilient Offshore Renewable Energy Devices) is pleased to announce it has received funding from the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) program and its national funding partners. 

Plasma technology - Modifying the surface properties of materials

The technological progression in the world is moving fast, imposing ever more demanding requirements on the materials that will furnish the future.

Simulation in compression molding - can we accurately predict material flow?

The mode of operation at Seal Engineering is short production runs combined with strict specifications of finished parts

Sealing solutions for hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic seals are crucial components used in hydraulic systems to prevent fluid leakage, contain pressure, and maintain the integrity of the hydraulic system. These seals are designed to work in dynamic, high-pressure environments where hydraulic fluid is used to generate mechanical force and motion. 

Sealing solutions for oil & gas applications

We have cutting-edge expertise in seals and sealing materials, and have material laboratory with advanced testing equipment. Over the years we have developed a deep understanding of the criticality that applies to drilling and production in subsea oil wells.

Sealing solutions for hydropower equipment

Seal Engineering AS has been delivering seals in polyurethane and rubber to the hydropower segment for decades. We are continuously working on improvements that can benefit our customers and always aiming to strenghten our brand proof - A real life problem solver!

Direct access to leading experts

The desired performance of a sealing system can be achieved with the use of standard seals or special seals. Seal Engineering AS has extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to develop complex sealing systems. 

Bonded seals for harsh chemicals

Did you know that we can produce high end - small or high volumes - self centring bonded seals resistant to virtually any chemical/fluid in temperatures ranging from -40° to +320°C?

Valve seats in high-performance plastics

The valve seat is one of the most important parts of a ball valve, so the quality of the seat in terms of leak free and reliable performance is of the highest criticality. To obtain the desired quality it is crucial to combine the right material and design. Seal Engineering has expertise both in material selection and design of valve seats.

Seal Engineering - an Eco-lighthouse!

In 2022 we received the visible proof of our efforts for the environment! 

Thanks for visiting us at ONS 2022!

After a four-year break, it was a great pleasure to be able to welcome you to the stand at ONS again! 

Very large diameter seals and backup rings

Seal Engineering AS has been in the fore front delivering very large diameter profile seals in polyurethane and rubber to the hydropower segment, test chambers, autoclaves, etc. These seals are machined or extruded profiles welded or vulcanised together to the required size.

ClearSeal™ PRW

ClearSeal™ PRW (Pressure Released Wiper) is a patented, pressure released, internal  wiper with a filter function. ClearSeal™ PRW is the best insurance against breakdown in hydraulic systems due to contaminated media.

High-performance sealing materials

Seal Engineering AS is dedicated to find the best overall sealing solutions and materials with special attention to functionality, reliability and low overall life-cycle cost. 

RU23™ - a high performing fluoroelastomer!

Seal Engineering’s RU23™ is a high performing fluoroelastomer designed for the most demanding sealing applications.

Seals and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA is a well-established software-based calculation method to simulate how objects behave when exposed to physical forces and other influences. 

That's why you should choose machined seals!

Machining provides unsurpassed flexibility in terms of delivery time, material choice, shape, geometry, dimension and tolerance. The seals can be adapted to your specific needs - rapidly! 

We are at your service!

With our service concept the customers can rely on their needs beeing taken care of! With us, you will not have to wait on the phone, there will be no automated email responses, and you will always get a quick reply. 

The right seal - on time!

Our promise to every customer, every time is: The right seal, on time. This message states that when it comes to seals, there is right and wrong. Seal Engineering knows the difference.