ARt* - other sealing possibilities in a standard O-ring groove

The O-ring's simple and effective design has made it the world's most used seal. However, the design has certain limitations, for example in terms of sealing ability, pressure resistance and dynamic sealing function.

 O-rings are cost-effective to produce in large numbers, they are relatively easy to fit and given the correct grooves and materials, the O-ring can be used to seal against almost any liquid or gas.

However, there are many solutions available for a simple O-ring groove and different solutions can affect many aspects of the application and its functionality. Which profile and material to choose depends on the operating parameters. Seal Engineering AS offers O-ring replacements that provide, for example, better sealing effect, higher pressure tolerance or better tribological properties - while maintaining the key properties that in many cases make the O-ring a preferred choice: available materials, easy assembly and relatively space-saving groove design.

The O-ring chapter of the Seal Engineering Technical Handbook provides detailed information on O-rings, groove design and material selection. However, there are many pitfalls to take into account and we have therefore chosen to call the concept ARt - Advanced Retrofit - since the choice should be handled by one of our Sealing Experts!

*Advanced Retrofit