Fast and flexible production of seals

Seal Engineering is optimised for fast and flexible production of customised sealing products in order to offer the right seal - on time! Benefits are rapid delivery, no downtime, rapid protyping, small series, and low lifetime costs. 

Our Technical handbook

contains seals overview, guidelines for seal design and arrangement and material compatibility lists.

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Development & solutions

With our extensive stock of materials in diameters up to 1.500 mm, we are able to offer same day delivery for a wide range of sealing materials.

  • Our know-how and the possibilities offered by machined seals allow us to produce prototypes in just hours
  • The lowest cost is ensured through highest quality, securing reliable and long service for all of our seals
  • In emergencies almost any type of seal profile, dimension and material can be supplied the same day, reducing equipment down-time to a minimum
  • No tool-cost applies
  • We provide full traceability for all our machined seals when needed

Manufacturing & delivery

With our superior overview of existing seals and solutions, relative to the technical standards and demands of every relevant industriy, Seal Engineering is the place to seek advice and purchase.

We are aware of the potential diverging focus of the procurement officer and the project engineer, claiming that our organisation and presence is beneficial to the customer. At an early stage we help get the details right. Later on, we safeguard operations through general support, fast and flexible production and handling of emergency situations.

Sealing Experts

Our Sealing Experts can supply you with our professional advice and capabilities and make your product perform even better

Proper seals are critical:

  • Prevent unwanted system failure, with all potential damage and loss
  • Enable increased performance of an application
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase the lifetime value of a system and everything invested in it

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Research and Development (R&D)

We are updated on the latest technology, pushing materials and constructions to the next level. Seal Engineering explores and develops new materials, in our own research lab to provide a competitive edge to our customers.

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Customised sealing solutions

Machning of seals

Research & Development

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