About Seal Engineering AS

A Real Life Problem Solver

At Seal Engineering we strongly recommend to consider seals and sealing solutions in the lifetime perspective of an application. What is the consequence of system shutdown? What is the potential maintenance cost replacing low quality seals? What is the value of increased system performance? With our service concept the customers can rely on their needs beeing taken care of. We have a long history of enabling our customers to focus on their field of expertise rather than spend their time on sealing solutions. Hence the customers’ profit is increased!

The company

Seal Engineering AS is a Norwegian private limited company that was established under the name of Seal-Jet Norge AS in 1997. The founders/owners have worked in the sealing industry since the late 1980s and are still active in the day-to-day running of the company. The company name was changed in 2012 to strengthen and highlight the service aspect of our activity.

Product range and markets

A wide range of sealing products is manufactured in our factory. Once one of our solutions has been qualified, we standardise production for an efficient purchase-ordering relationship between us and the customer. We serve multiple industries like oil&gas, hydropower, defence, process and marine.

  • Engineered sealing solutions
  • Standard and customized sealing products for hydraulic and pneumatic applications in a wide range of materials
  • O-rings
  • Molded parts, rubber-to-metal bonding
  • Spring energized seals
  • Large diameter seals (ID<1500 mm)

Career center

We are well aware that our sucess is made by hard work and dedication of our employees. Explore and feel free to send us your CV if you think you would fit into our team!

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