About Seal Engineering AS

The right seal - on time!

Seal Engineering AS is a Norwegian, privately owned limited company established under the name Seal-Jet Norge AS in 1997. We are dedicated to find the best overall sealing solutions and we are updated on the latest technology, pushing materials and constructions to the next level. Over the last few years, we have made extensive investments in the research laboratory, production, and FEM simulation equipment to develop cutting-edge sealing solutions for robust, high-performing systems for the petroleum and renewable energy markets.

  • We develop and manufacture advanced sealing solutions for robust hydraulic systems with high performance requirements for Norwegian and international industry. We have cutting-edge expertise in seals and sealing materials, and have material laboratory with advanced testing equipment. Our experts carry out tests and analyzes of, for example, accident causes. Through our investment in R&D, we have very good control over the compounding and properties of the materials.
  • We also have testing facilities on our premises, implicating that we can test and pre-qualify sealing solutions under realistic conditions, for example with regard to sealing. pressure and temperatures.
  • We primarily manufacture our products on specially developed CNC-machines and stock a wide range of semi-finished, machinable materials. This makes it possible to produce a sealing product very quickly, without extra tool costs and delaying intermediates.
  • Machining provides unmatched flexibility in material selection, shape, geometry, dimension and tolerance, and in short, the sealing product can be adapted to the customer's specific needs!
  • Our quality system is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015

Product range and markets

We serve multiple industries like oil & gas, hydropower, defence, process and marine with:

Our vision

The strongest link in the chain

Always seeing ourselves as part of a larger context, it is the vision of Seal Engineering to be the strongest link in the chain. We recognise that all parts are important to the total performance of a system. It’s not about being more important than others, but to do our part to the fullest. With our products and expertise we are endlessly driven to contribute to the highest possible level of reliability for our customers.

Our mission

Develop and produce advanced sealing solutions, for demanding industrial applications

We are committed to develop and produce advanced sealing solutions, for demanding industrial applications. Seal Engineering has the experience, organisation, facilities and network to serve multiple industries, with our specialized know-how, innovative engineering skills and sincere customer care.

Our values

Sealed by Seal

To bring forward our great company heritage and culture, we use the expression: Sealed by Seal. It’s a statement to live up to, summarizing our combined efforts to be a leading player in our niche.

The shared values of Seal Engineering, making us who we are as a business:

  • Expertise - We live by our deep technical knowledge and capabilities, based on extensive real life experience, scientific research and close cooperation with our customers. Seal Engineering stands for consistency and proven technology.
  • Progression – We always look for ways to improve, with new ideas and projects that can take us into the future. Progress is also essential in our daily work to keep our promises and reach our goals.
  • Commitment – We go all in, be it a task or a customer relationship. It means we are reliable, keeping the best interest of each other and the customer in mind, at all times.

Career center

We are well aware that our sucess is made by hard work and dedication of our employees. Explore and feel free to send us your CV if you think you would fit into our team!

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