Sealing solutions for demanding industrial applications

Sealing materials

Choosing materials is a task that often requires a lot of investigation and compromises between different desirable properties. At Seal Engineering AS we have great experience of choosing the right material for a given application, and therefore we are well prepared to help you choose the right material.

This is often a combination between material properties and price. However, looking at the procurement price only is often very misleading, as this does not consider actual life-cycle cost for a given product. Downtime, equipment failure and repair cost due to a faulty seal is many times higher than the cost of the seal, even in cases when some of the more expensive materials are chosen.

Seal Engineering AS is dedicated to find the best overall sealing solutions and materials with special attention to functionality, reliability and low overall life-cycle cost.

Seals are faced with an ever increasing demand for higher pressure, temperature, functionality and longevity. This means that some of the more “traditional” materials no longer are as well suited as they used to be. Advances in material science are resulting in new and improved materials, suited to meet the increased demands.

As a consequence, both suppliers and customers are forced to evaluate their previous material selection for a given application. The following section will show some of the advances in material technology, and give some guidelines for selecting the right material for a given application.