PTFE-based thermoplastics

In addition to the PTFE-based materials described below, we can manufacture seals and other details in a variety of other PTFE materials with fillers specifically suited for a given application. We have either in stock or with Other PTFE-based materials short delivery time a wide range of PTFE-based materials to offer.

FL1™ Virgin PTFE

Excellent chemical and thermal resistance. FDA-approved. Limited mechanical properties. If improved mechanical properties are required FL5™ or a filled PTFE should be considered.

FL2™ PTFE filled with with glass fibres/molybdenum disulphide

Because of its special composition, FL2 has good physical properties and distinctly better creep behaviour than PTFE-virgin. Also higher wear resistance than most PTFE with fillers.

FL3™ PTFE filled with bronze

FL3 material has good mechanical properties, and can be used at higher loads compared to FL2 and FL5.

FL4™ Modified PTFE filled with carbon

Excellent compression and wear resistance, good thermal conductivity and low permeability. Suitable for a wide range of applications.

FL5™ Modified PTFE

FL5 has the same chemical properties as PTFE-virgin, and is also defined as a homopolymer according to ISO 12086. FL5 has highly improved mechanical properties in comparison to PTFE-virgin, see also the “Suggested Materials” section. Seal Engineering AS considers FL5 to be our standard “PTFE-virgin”. 

FL14™ PTFE filled with Ekonol®

FL14 has excellent wear resistance. The filler is very gentle to mating metal surfaces, making it a good choice for rotary applications. FL14 is FDA approved and widely used in the food industry.


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