High-performance sealing materials

Seal Engineering AS is dedicated to find the best overall sealing solutions and materials with special attention to functionality, reliability and low overall life-cycle cost. Our engineered high-perfomance sealing solutions require state-of-the-art sealing materials. Here's an overview.

Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) - Rapid delivery of machined seals in Kalrez® 0090

Drawing on our 30 years of experience with machining of seals and other parts, we are proud to announce that we now offer machined seals in Kalrez® 0090 and other FFKM-compounds with unrivaled delivery time for standard and custom seals. The FFKM-compounds we offer, all with their unique properties, is highlighted on the below links.

  • FFKM has the broadest chemical resistence and highest temperature resistence of all elastomers.
  • In some applications FFKM is the only elastomer with a satisfactory performance and this performance has traditionally come at cost in terms of actual price, but also considering availability and lead time. In some cases, this is the real cost driver. ​
  • In addition to machined seals and components you can also benefit from molded parts in the same FFKM-compounds for a cost-effective alternative for larger series.
  • Using our in-house tooling and molding capacity we offer short delivery time for standard profiles and complex parts, including metal-bonding.

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That's why you should choose machined seals!

Other high-performance materials

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