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RU41™ – Low temperature and RGD

RU41™ is based on Tecnoflon PFR LT, the only true low-temp FFKM polymer commercially available.

  • RU41™ has a glass transition temperature of -31° C, allowing for sealing effect down to -40° C compared to -10° C or higher for most FFKM's.​ Furthermore the compound has been testet to NORSOK M-710 rev. 2 and passed RGD testing with a NORSOK rating of "0000" (best rating). ​
  • This makes RU41™ an ideal choice for demanding applications in the oil and gas industry where a combination of excellent chemical resistance is required together with low-temp sealability and RGD-resistance.
  • RU41™ is also the preferred choice for other applications and industries where a combination of low-temp sealability and excellent chemical resistance is required.

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