Release the full potential of your application

The desired performance of a sealing system can be achieved with the use of standard seals or special seals. Seal Engineering AS has extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to develop complex sealing systems. That’s why our sealing experts can make your application perform to its full potential!

Seals and gaskets are critical components in a wide range of mechanical and industrial systems. They help to prevent the leakage of fluids, gases, and other materials, and also protect against the ingress of contaminants.

Without proper sealing, equipment can fail, performance can suffer, and costly repairs may be required. Gaskets are used to seal the joints between two surfaces, while seals typically form a barrier around a moving component, such as a shaft or piston. Both seals and gaskets are available in a variety of polymer materials, and are designed to withstand specific conditions, such as high temperatures, pressures, and chemical exposure.

We are committed to develop and produce advanced sealing solutions, for demanding industrial applications. Seal Engineering has the experience, organisation, facilities and network to serve multiple industries, with our specialised know-how, innovative engineering skills and sincere customer care.

The right seal - on time! Our promise to every customer, every time

This message states that when it comes to seals, there is right and wrong. Seal Engineering knows the difference. In the businesses of our customers, time and deadlines are imparative. ‘On time’ means that we should consequently indicate a time frame for our delivery, and respect it accordingly. All together we want the customer to meet us with high expectations, that we are pleased to meet, every time!

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