Direct Access to Sealing Experts

Seal Engineering AS innovative and modern production technology together with our unique experience enables us to produce seals to fit every housing and application.

Our concept wrapped up: Invisible. Critical. 

Invisible. Critical. draws attention to the important, but normally unexposed role seals play in the demanding applications of our customers.

By involving our highly skilled staff at an early stage of a project, we can make sure that no time is wasted due to incorporating incorrect seals and materials. With more than 30 years of experience in the sealing industry we have developed a problem-solving and product-improving way of working. The earlier we can get into a project, the more likely it is that we can enable and assist you in building robust, high-performing systems.

We consider every aspect of the application and operating parameteres and select the best material available for the application. Along with experience and knowledge, we are using the best avaliable equipment and software. 

Direct Access to Leading Experts (D.A.L.E.)

 Know-how, experience and access to our expertise are parts of each product we offer. With us, you will not have to wait on the phone, there will be no automated email responses, and you will always get a quick reply. ‘Direct access’ emphasises the benefit of being responsive. ‘Leading experts’ highlights the quality and technology of great value to our customers

Key benefits:

  • Prevent unwanted system failure, with all potential damage and loss
  • Enable increased performance of an application
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase the lifetime value of a system and everything invested in it

“To us it is not just a matter of replacing defective seals or gaskets. The important thing is to develop new and improved solutions for our customers”, says managing director Julian Putkowski

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