Valve seats in high-performance plastics

The valve seat is one of the most important parts of a ball valve, so the quality of the seat in terms of leak free and reliable performance is of the highest criticality. To obtain the desired quality it is crucial to combine the right material and design. Seal Engineering has expertise both in material selection and design of valve seats.

Combined with our internal machining capability we offer valve seats in a wide range of high-performance plastics to suit the specific needs for demanding applications. Typical materials are PTFE, TFM (modified PTFE) and PEEK, virgin or with various fillers, Vespel-grades (Polymide) and UHMWPE. For virgin PEEK and UHMWPE cross-linked compounds are also available for improved strength and tribological properties.

With our expertise we can also offer high-performance plastics which are further enhanced through thermal modification to achieve specific improvements of given key mechanical properties. This allows us to improve the performance of existing valve seats through very specialized material modification.

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