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Liability exclusion

All information on this website is supported by our experience and research. The information should only be used by experienced persons according to their own judgement and risk.
The buyer undertakes to check the provided information on this website for his specific application. Seal Engineering AS does not undertake any liability in the individual case due to the diversity of possible variations in the practical application in respect of the particularity of applications, further processing or the otherwise use of the components.
The information on this website is believed to be correct. No liability whatsoever is undertaken by Seal Engineering AS due to misprints or incorrect information on this website.
The buyer is obliged to check whether the products correspond to the supplied data, recommendations and test results and undertakes full liability in respect of the application, use and further processing of the products as well as the use of the information.
No liability whatsoever shall attach to the products produced by Seal Engineering AS for any infringement of the rights owned or controlled by a third independent party which may be caused by the use or further processing of the components by the buyer.

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