ClearSeal™ PRW

Our patented ClearSeal™ PRW (Pressure Released Wiper) is a groundbreaking innovation that prevents breakdown in hydraulic systems

How does it work?

  • ClearSeal™ PRW prevents impurities in the hydraulic oil/pressure media from reaching seals, bearings and other components. Such impurities are the most frequent cause of breakdowns in hydraulic applications.
  • ClearSeal™ PRW is an invisible, but critical component that extends the lifetime of the system dramatically and gives predictable maintenance intervals.
  • ClearSeal™ PRW has a compact design and simple geometry, allowing easy installation and low risk of malfunction.
  • ClearSeal™ PRW gives low friction and has no impact on other functions in the system.
  • ClearSeal™ PRW can be installed on the pressure side of conventional sealing systems. It functions as «reactive» maintenance in existing applications.

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  2. ClearSeal™ PRW
  3. Clean media
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The body of the ClearSeal™ PRW is made from rubbers, thermoplastic elastomer (TPU) or thermoplastic. The body has holes, machined to allow the fluids to pass through. The lip geometry functions as a scraper/wiper.

  • Filter fabric prevents debris from passing through the holes in the body.
  • V-spring energises the seal and secures the filter in place.

Internal testing

Contaminated pressure media causes damage that leads to breakdown, leaks and shutdown.

We have conducted an internal test, aiming to achieve a rapid breakdown in the unprotected cylinder, thereby proving the effect of ClearSeal™ PRW. Equal amount of contamination was added to both the cylinders before start of the test. All working parameters were maintained the same on both cylinders.

  • Tests was terminated when the cylinder without the ClearSeal™ PRW started to leak. The seals and the hardware remained protected on cylinder fitted with ClearSeal™ PRW.
  • During a FMECA performed by DNV-GL (Report No.: 2018-3126, Rev. 0), it has been observed that there are no downsides in using the ClearSeal™ system in critical hydraulic applications.


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